With our FAA certified aerial

cinematography pilots, we capture your day from a higher perspective, creating breathtaking images.

For centuries mankind has dreamt of soaring freely through the heavens, seeing the world from a different perspective. Never before in the history of wedding photography has there been a service like this... until now! 

Yes, today there are many studios offering aerial (Drone) services in their packages, but did you know a majority of them are flying illegally? We have all seen the news reports where an unlicensed person crashed their drone at a wedding, but did you know that you can be held liable? (click on the word Reports to watch) At Lighter Than Air Films, we are FAA certified and trained pilots and only use professionally tested aircraft that are both reliable and safe. Don't be fooled by others that don't comply with the law, we are your #1 choice for all your aerial imaging needs and can protect you if an unfortunate event ever happens.

We offer a full million dollar "aeronautical" liability coverage that only commercial drone pilots can obtain, not the basic "general" liability (which most photo & video studios carry) that don't include drones in the policy. We highly suggest you ask your photographer and videographer if they are truly legal FAA certified pilots and have the proper insurance (and training) before you sign a contract...and make sure they can prove it, WE CAN.


So many brides complain that

their videographers lights
were too bright, but our clients
say... "we never knew they were there"!


A picture is worth a thousand words; let us tell your story like no other.


Things can get exciting and our

professional staff is always

ready and willing to do

what it takes to get their best shot.

Lighter Than Air Films, Inc.